Why not give yourself too many labels

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Self exploration and discovery is damn fun, but if you start sticking to your tastes like religion, you’ll be up for a major fix

  1. You become egoistic
  2. You may become anti-social
  3. You get offended easily and hence “oversensitive”, unable to enjoy the present moment
  4. You fear losing yourself in the future and hold on more
  5. You stop your growth because you fear change

You keep growing and finding new things about yourself, so its best to not define yourself with something otherwise the room for change becomes scary. You have your tastes, likes, dislikes in the present, but don’t hold them against other people. Or if they change in the future, allow yourself to make that transition.

Buddhism too says that there is no self because the self keeps changing. Hence, don’t succumb to too many labels. Be yourself in the moment. That makes your temperament and your life smooth. It also unleashes your abundant potential because now you’re not scared of change!

In fact, labels are not too bad as long as they are accurate and reflect on your true self and who you really are. So it’s important to not give yourself labels that you’re not sure of being.

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