How to Balance Rules

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We often have very set ideas about how to be and how to do things. However, those rules may sometimes bite us in the ass only in the end! Therefore I wrote this recipe about why it is important to balance one’s own rules.

  1. Rules change when there are clearly better alternatives, more profitable/satisfying choices. Therefore rules are subject to better ideas/ways of doing things. So the rule remains the same until you explore something better!
  2. Don’t sabotage good opportunities because of a rule. It may not be worth it. Don’t close doors to better opportunities while sticking to a certain “perfect plan”. Something better that you havn’t thought about might happen .
  3. Go with situationism and causality. Be flexible. Situationism=pragmaticism= balance
  4. Don’t be too attached to your own ideas. Nobody knows everything! Hence, be open to better ideas. More growth and better things is what will help you grow, mature and progress.
  5. Too many rules show fear and anxiety. Rather, practice non interference and attract abundance instead. 


  1. If anxiety kills Situationism, flexibility , making so much pain/uneasiness when bending rules or plans etc.

    Suppose if a person has flexibility and more balance in situations where he has nothing triggering anxiety or nothing reminds his triggers(may be sometimes he forgot 🙂 )

    Do you think one like that can get there in the horizon of Situationism and flexibility or balance without any practice. ?

    Would self aware help any good?

    What if aware of anxiety made things worst ?



    1. I’m not sure how being aware of one’s anxieties and triggers can make it worse unless they are coping with it in a “wrong”/ maladaptive way! Someone may have balance and flexibility but have anxiety due to other reasons. Of course knowing that you have anxiety may make them feel more out of control, but that’s again a negative coping, which is what primarily needs to be worked out by this individual.

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