Boards – How to write in the paper

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  1. Intro to the answer gives the background and it is actually very important- don’t take this one likely. If the question asks for 5 features of x, write the definition of x first and then the features. A background is a literal must,
  2. Underline the key words to make it easier for the examiner to know you know shit
  3. A concluding line is also a life saver
  4. Good presentation is actually key to the examiner’s heart so don’t write with a shitty handwriting
  5. Make finishing lines and leave a line between answers
  6. Give headings to every answer
  7. Avoid cuttings
  8. You’re also indirectly competing against your classmates in terms of the quality of your answers. Most probably you’ll have the same examiner. And he/she’ll be comparing answers between different kids. Hence, try to be better than them perhaps?

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