Contexts of Introspection

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We all introspect about our lives, habits, behaviors at some point or the other. The introspection can be of different sorts, relating to different aspects of our function.

The following are the contexts of the same that I’ve chalked out.

  1. Spiritual/LOA/ humanistic/Leadership/ Personal growth– This sort of introspection refers to thinking deeply about our spiritual patterns, what kind of thoughts we are paying attention to, concepts like empathy, abundance, alignment, visualization become important.
  2. Psychological – This analysis has more to do with mental health in a diagnostic way specifically, when one would analyze their coping mechanisms, behavioral patterns/tendencies, what kind of mental illness they have, or the symptoms that the psycho-biological frequently experience.
  3. Professional – This form of introspection has more to do with looking specifically at one’s qualifications, resume, professional goals and what they need to do to improve their skills that are relevant for the market.
  4. Relationships/emotional- In this form of introspection, one looks at their behavior from the perspective of how its aiding or hindering their relationships with others. Key actions to look at would be empathy, frequency of contact, like-mindedness, conflict resolution etc.

These forms don’t exist in isolation, but can be complementary, overlapping and one can engage in even simultaneously.

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