How to make your own Guided Meditation

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Why do it?

We all have different issues that we need to work on. So instead of doing a generalized guided meditation, do one that’s suited to your particular habits and hence make your own customized meditation!  For example, if you have an issue with xyz habit, you determine to work on xyz, rather than abc that the already made meditation would be making you work on. There’s nothing wrong with doing a generalized guided meditation from the internet/youtube as well, but it won’t have the same effects as the kind of meditation that you would design for yourself would. It is truly empowering to change your own behavior!

How to make it?

Write down the habits that you want to change in the present tense like- “I don’t do x but I do y instead. I am abc and not xyz”. Speak them out loud and record them in your phone in the voice notes. Then play this voice note when you sit down to meditate with earphones and listen to those affirmations. You can also listen to it while traveling to work, doing your daily chores etc.
Fun addition- You can also include goals and desires in your guided meditation. Instead of just working on habits which can be quite mechanical, you can add things like “I have a 4.0 GPA”, “I  am appreciated for all my efforts” or “I travel abroad every year”! 

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