Answers for stubborn teenagers- of fights with parents

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You want permission to have alcohol at your party, go to late night parties, wear short clothes, travel very often and perhaps lead the sexual revolution in your environment but you also want your parents to support you in all that- haha! Not everything we want is possible, but there are ways to at least come close to what you want.

  1. You don’t have to challenge them– I see so many kids challenging their parents to accept them. Don’t have a “I’ll do this, kya kar loge” (I’m going to be like this no matter what) attitude. It’s hostile and has negative energy. It can only manifest negative results and even if they do end up listening to you, it will be out of blackmail and not joy. It won’t feel good in the end. That’s why you don’t even have to tell them everything especially if you know that it’ll make them uncomfortable.
  2. Dialogue-Have a healthy dialogue with them about culture, changing times, generation gap etc. Share your day and life with them- including both positives and negatives so as to be closer to them. They’ll have no reason to give into your demands till they see the sensitive, sensible and responsible individual in you.
  3. Acceptance and empathy– If you want them to accept you, you’ll have to accept them first. It works both ways. (Brahmakumaris) Accept your generation gap, their concerns  and cooperate with them rather than fight and be grumpy.
  4. LOA– Let it come to you. have gratitude for their positives qualities and the existing good things you have in life. Give them positive energy hence, attracting how you want them to treat you. Slowly, as your thought pattern, attitude and hence energy changes, their attitude will also change. It will take time, but that way it’ll be intrinsic, true, honest and long lasting!
  5. Nichiren Buddhism– Keep what you want in your prayers along with their happiness, wisdom and good fortune. This way you’re changing your karma 

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