Criticisms of CCE

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  1. Lack of plagiarism check– The whole “trying to make us more creative and innovative” thing would’ve actually worked if they knew how to check plagiarism. Most schools didn’t teach us to cite, the importance of using credible sources and interpreting online information.
  2. Textbooks– The books need a serious check because the same course content and the same information can be categorized and explained in a better/more interesting way. I say this because I compared my psychology grade 12 book with my cousin’s whose in the US and realized that we had the exact same syllabus but hers was much more student friendly, structured, understandable and fun. It was categorized too in an extremely systematic way unlike the 20/30 pages of long chapters we had to mug up. This doesn’t mean that it overlooked technicality (as I said, the information was no different) but it was just more attractive and easier to understand.
  3. Exam structure– The weightage of the final exams (SA1 AND 2) should’ve been reduced to 40% if they actually wanted us to study consistently and be active in classes and not just study at the last moment. Keeping the weightage on the SA’s even as high as 80% puts a LOT of pressure on the student to be “perfect” (in his FA’s as well as SA’s)
  4. Teaching style– The whole point of holistic education lies in opening up with minds of the children through debates discussions and basically more interactive learning/teaching, but most schools in India (even the best ones) failed to achieve that because the teachers have been used to teaching monotonously and not caring to inspire the student with her subject. They were not trained to teach in more interesting ways.
  5. Co-curricula/talent was/were barely counted by the teachers while giving FA marks. They still gave full to their favorites. So the creative ones perhaps lost again.

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