The Political economic stance of Spiritualists

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Most new age spiritualists like Dr. Corey Wayne, Rhonda Byrne etc. want to help people manifest their material desires and hence seem really pro wealth.

Could this mean that they are pro free markets and capitalism as well?

In the first chapter itself of The Secret, there is a paragraph which tries to explain why 97% of the wealth/money in the world is concentrated in the hands of a minority of the population (like 1% of it). It also almost tried to justify why so by using the logic of thoughts.

While I fully believe that one’s thoughts and attitude is a key determinant of one’s success, I didn’t fully agree with this because not all this “1%” of the world’s wealthiest population, forget worked, but even thought  in the right way to attract this wealth, because their ancestors/ other family members did and they merely enjoyed the benefits. Startup culture is fairly new, and before a few decades ago when neo-liberalism wasn’t really a thing, family owned businesses were what how the free economy functioned, at least in India. We got our independence much later, hence we may be a bit behind, but even the western countries were such in their economy but just preceding us by a few decades.

Spiritualists place a huge emphasis on self sufficiency, being independent, finding one’s own life path and reaching one’s own highest potential in their books and teachings. In such a case, they wouldn’t advocate for a system that teaches people to depend on anyone (like the state) for their sustenance. They would rather advocate for knowledge dissemination, life skills training and making poor people aware of the existence of universal laws of transformation, growth and success rather than giving out free things.


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