Why you shouldn’t fear losing your individuality due to your Nichiren Buddhist practice

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Often my friends and family don’t want to join the Nichiren Buddhist practice, for they believe that they’ll lose their individuality if they did. They don’t want to be dependent on anything. To them, I’d say the following things-

It exists so we find our own highest potential and true self.

It helps you be independent in your daily life in the first place.

It in fact emphasizes on individuality and finding your unique self. One of the benefits is to awaken to your higher self.

You design your own practice. There are no rules about how much you need to chant or what exactly you need to do. Each individual has their own way of practicing and that’s totally respected.

Even with the philosophy that is preached, at the end of the day, it is you who has to apply it in your life and make changes in it. That’s the biggest reason it is pro individuality.

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