How are people who don’t follow Spirituality still successful?

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Spirituality (schools of thought, books, people) often markets itself as having a positive correlation with one’s career growth. However, there are a lot of people who are successful in their careers, but are not particularly spiritual, or don’t identify with the label. They could either not identify with spirituality, or not align with its basic premises at all also.

So how are they still successful?

Karma (which I understand as behavioral tendency) comes in various forms of expertise in different areas in one’s life. You may be tapping into changing it, or not. Spirituality helps transform karma to improve our life from its existing level/quality, but if its already good in a particular area, then that area doesn’t need much help. So these individuals probably primarily have good work karma already.

We practice spirituality to improve our lives, in whatever it is we’re challenging- temperament, hard work, relationships or whatever we may be struggling with. Further, spirituality entails much more than success in one’s work. It entails a feeling of well being and joy.

This also answers the question as to why bad people get good things. That’s because their karma (skill, ability) in that particular thing which is being referred to as “good” here may be sufficient and their karma in other things must be “bad” or insufficient to deal with the problems in that area.

Their work karma may be good so they get good in work but their relationship or health karma may not be so good. Your karma and phala is individual with individual situations and contexts.

In a famous psychology experiment, it was observed that raising a student’s “global” (overall) self esteem didn’t help enhance their grades, but when their specific challenge related self esteem was raised, they did end up getting better grades. Similarly, this nuanced correlation between self esteem and grades can also be applied to the correlation between levels of individual spirituality with their success at work.

In today’s world, thought leadership is now starting to gain a lot of value, in all sectors- corporate, entrepreneurship, development/social, and even the arts. There is an undeniable need for people on all positions to think of the greater good, be humble, kind, mindful, wise, compassionate with their teams etc. These values inherently carry spiritual ideas with themselves, and it definitely wouldn’t hurt to imbibe them into one’s life, whose spill-over effects they would definitely be able to see professionally.

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