The misfortune of Fortune children

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I have a lot of friends whose parents have been in the Buddhist practice since before they were born. Most of these friends, interestingly are extremely averse to practicing, which made me realize that perhaps being born into the practice is really not the biggest gift of one’s life.

Why? Because:

  1. These children may not have that strong an understanding of the philosophy if their family follows the more religious and ritualistic aspects of it. For them, it may just be about chanting, and hardly any study or daily life application which would make them spiritually complacent.
  2. They don’t know what life is without the practice. If they’ve never known an opposing belief system, how will they be able to appreciate the practice/ philosophy or how it empowers people?
  3. Often our parents don’t set very good examples for us. If the child doesn’t have a good relationship with the parent, they will be naturally repelled from the practice.

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