Types of Intuition and How to Predict Better

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I have been mulling over a concept surrounding the scale of our intuition, such as: predicting events and happenings in our immediate environments, versus the environment at large.  Some people lack the ability to read the smallest signs, or develop basic intuition, whereas others can predict trends even as far as global economies and cultures are concerned. 

Here are the two categories of the radii of our intuition-

1. Micro social intuition: When one has strong intuition about their own lives- friends, family, workplace and immediate environment.

2 Macro social intuition: When one has strong intuition about the larger environment- economics, politics, society, and culture as a whole.

Micro Social IntuitionMacro Social Intuition
Comes naturally to people who think mostly about their immediate environment.Comes naturally to those who think beyond their immediate environments more frequently.
They can predict trends & events restricted to their friends, families and colleagues.They can predict trends of all kinds- financial, cultural, social, political. Can understand the “bigger picture”.
It leads to limited success, as one’s knowledge and scope is not expanded to more avenues.It is beneficial for the long term and leads to more abundant success in multiple areas.

Those who are perceptive about their immediate environments as well as the society at large can have both these forms of intuition simultaneously, whereas it could also be that those with a macro-understanding of society find it hard to be intuitive about the micro-understandings of their immediate environment, hence making them detached from their relationships.

Leaders- social, grassroots, and mass movement initiators inevitably have the latter form of intuition in built in them, but I would argue that because empathy is the basis for both, honing it towards each human being would lead to a heightened sense of intuition in all these directions.

One can’t say that one form of intuition is better than the other, for both are equally powerful and useful. Having the latter without the former can lead to a lot of success, but poor relationships, and even an obsession with power. Having the former without the latter can lead to a restricted sense of growth, and an inability to get out of one’s comfort zone.

So, in order to improve your intuition in either of these domains, start observing the events and situations going around in your environment more- and no, you don’t have to get emotionally exhausted in the process, for you can observe while having boundaries.

Empathizing can also make you feel passionate about these happenings, but do it carefully, and of course, stick to what comes naturally to you. Aligning with causes and observing events you don’t feel passionate about will not help. Explore those domains that you are drawn to organically, and over time, you will develop a strong intuitive sense about their future.

Heightened intuition can lead to better prediction, as well as problem solving. It can help those in need- from individuals to companies to communities, so go sharpen that weapon!

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