Precautions after your first transformation

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Transformations are great. They’re fun, empowering and crazy, but there are certain things one must do/find in order to be able to continue with that high life state and not fall back into old patterns. After my first transformation (read here), I never thought that I’d face troubles in my life again because I felt so empowered and confident to deal with tough situations. However, often when things went downhill, I emerged victorious over them then but late feet stuck and unhappy. This made me feel even more contradicted because I’d sworn to myself to always feel good no matter what. I knew I was doing something wrong but couldn’t fight it smoothly.

The following are the precautions I want to give to anyone whose had their first transformation and want to remain in that frequency consistently-

  1. The ills of repression and the importance of releasing– One can get very excited with the notion of always feeling happy and so did I by making a pact with myself to never cry again in my life. Little did I know that that would actually trap all my emotions inside and not help me cope with them effectively to move forward with smoothness and ease. Crying is okay, but one must not stay there and come out of it at their pace.
  2. Find a consistent source of empowerment– I didn’t have a consistent source to reinforce my positive beliefs which made me harsh on myself always follow the “right path” and hence developed an immense fear of loss of control. Later, I thankfully found the correct practice for me (Nichiren Buddhism), and I realized the importance of having a group/community with oneself in order to always be victorious over one’s circumstances. One can find their consistent source to a particular leader they believe in (Rhonda Byrne, Louise L Hay or whatever) and turn to them while feeling stuck.
  3. Channelize that spirituality/passion– I realized the importance of writing about one’s challenges, blockages and issues to be able to stop repeatedly thinking about them and find a sound solution very late. I also wanted to always share my story and experiences with others, hence a medium to channelize the same was important to explore. A blog or diary is helpful in this case.

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