Sex-Positive Feminism and Spirituality

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According to even the most liberal schools of spiritual thought, if one is on the constant lookout for relationships and partners, it shows insecurity, hedonism and desperation. You have to be secure about your identity- confident and loving yourself, hence not “needing” these things but doing them out of healthy desire.

Sex positive feminists say women should be able to have as many sex partners without judgement. From the Buddhist perspective, you’re in the world of hunger, lust and rapture if you’re doing something excessively.

Women, using the logic of sex positive feminism may defend their behavior with the ideal of choice.

This creates a direct conflict with many spiritual schools of thought. How can this be reconciled?

The following is my take:

  1. Your state of mind– Unless, you’re engaging in what society may call excessively sexual behavior out of a position of being whole and complete and a high life condition, you’re not “wrong”. But, if you’re doing it out of insecurity, fear, and a low life condition, then you may want to introspect. Note, that it’s not the number of partners or the frequency of your behavior that’s the issue, but the state of mind with which you’re making your decisions. One person’s “Excess” maybe your “normal” and vice versa.
  2. Gender– the same holds true for men as well. The correct spiritual practice won’t discriminate. If they’re being promiscuous out of a high life condition, then it won’t be an issue but if its out of insecurity, manifestation of past resentment etc. then it should be looked upon and “controlled”.
  3. Different Spiritual schools of thought– Osho’s school, and even Tantra, look at sexuality in much more liberal ways than traditional schools of thought. Hence, the two institutions aren’t always necessarily at war with one another.

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