Spiritualists on Scarcity

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Many schools of thought insist that scarcity is just a state of mind and that there are abundant resources for everyone to exploit. This goes against the claims of environmentalists.

The Secret asks its readers to think abundance and that one shouldn’t have thoughts of lack if they want more- of wealth, happiness, love.

The Bhagavad Gita too says that there isn’t actually any lack of water, resources etc., but the lack is just a state of mind.

I’ll chose to look at this with the implication being wise sharing and resource allocation rather than denying environmental concerns like water scarcity and climate change. This should rather promote more equal distribution instead of concentration of resources in the hands of the minuscule elite. The way this problem can be solved is if those who don’t get an equal share of these resources bring these resources into their lives by learning to tap into their inner resources and find the courage to take the resources they deserve back. The knowledge about developing and enhancing skills could be disseminated to them for the same.

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