How to not beat yourself up, get back up, and live like that!

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An almost over simplified, but logical way of looking at resilience is the following recipe that I came up with to pick myself up. Can’t say with confidence that it did, but it most certainly helped to think about these different ways that I can get myself going.

  1. Whatever you did in the past can always be rectified now, so there’s no need to beat yourself up, rather build on those mistakes!
  2. Whatever mistakes you may make now, can be rectified in the future, so there’s no reason to hate yourself or feel out of control.
  3. Laugh about your past mistakes if you see yourself fixating on them despite rectification or if it’s not rectifiable now. That’s the only thing in the world that will truly free you, when you forgive yourself for that one thing you cant let go of, it gives you so much power and control to be in the present .
  4. In fact, if you live in the habit of punishing yourself, chances are that you’re making mistakes & bad decisions with the expectation/ fear of getting punished by yourself in the future, so they’re not even honest mistakes, but mistakes made out of a conditioned expectation of yourself to screw up.
  5. Make a commitment to accept yourself no matter what, with all your flaws. It can be life changing for it helps free yourself from the fear of self rejection.
  6. Your fear of the future that you have could be coming from the fear of getting punished by yourself in the future if you make a mistake so if you swear to never punish yourself, you’ll stop being too careful about your present actions as well & be your true self here and now, since the fear of getting punished also gets vanished!
  7. And then, you’re free to be who you truly are, here and now and take action, thereby going full with your potential and enjoying whatever you have now.

An affirmation to end with- “Whatever past mistakes I made, I can laugh over them now to gain full freedom, & whatever mistakes I make now, I can rectify them later, so there’s nothing to worry about.”

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