Changing Morality in Changing Times: Superficial vs. Sensible Values

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Based on John Stuart Mill’s harm principle & the principle of taking the middle path as in Buddhism, I have come up with the following differences between superficial values and deep/ sensible values.

Superficial valuesDeep values
They are rigid and dogmatic rules.They’re flexible and based on logic.
They arise out of a need for fitting in with society, or religious doctrines. They arise out of applying the harm principle.
Anything risky is forbidden. Examples:Risks are to be mitigated through balance and emphasis on not overdoing. Examples:
Don’t drink or smoke .Do it, but don’t get addicted.
Don’t have sex/ be celibate.Do it, but safely and don’t get addicted.
Don’t wear short clothes.Do it, but not in unsafe places.
Don’t talk rudely with anyone.Do it only when its needed. Don’t hurt people intentionally. Learn non-confrontational but effective communication styles.
Don’t eat meat/ non-veg food.Eat, but less.

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