How Nichiren Buddhism can help perfectionists

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  1. Eradicating fear– They can chant about the minute fears that bother them (of not having things their way) and especially pray for things that are anyway not under their control. 
  2. Taking the middle path– They can work on achieving balance and taking the middle path in their lives, rather than overdo things.
  3. Eradicating guilt– They can stop focussing on their mistakes and focus on their Buddha instead- not beat themselves up for their mistakes and see themselves for who they are holistically
  4. Healthy personal growth– Instead of getting too harsh on themselves, they can work on their fundamental darknesses in a healthy way by determining at meetings & sharing experiences 
  5. Going within– They can try to solve what’s really bothering them rather than going into controlling everything external
  6. Joy and happiness– Instead of feeling low, anxious and unhappy, they can focus on experiencing high life conditions
  7. Gratitude/acceptance- Instead of focussing on what they don’t have, they can focus on what they do and be happy with that.

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