“Why is feminism not called Equalism or Humanism?”

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“If feminism were actually for equality, then it would be called equalism or humanism”. This is one of the worst arguments I have ever heard against feminism.

All egalitarian movements deal with a specific subject or a particular context of discrimination. For example, Marxism deals with class equality, and feminism deals with gender equality.

Why fem? Because women have been more oppressed than men in the past. Why the “lower” classes in Marxism? Because they have been oppressed more than the “higher” classes in the past.

These egalitarian movements don’t go by the name of “equalism” because they exist to bridge a gap in the first place. They came up to undo/make up for past discriminations and equalism would connote all such movements/efforts for equality. That is not a bad thing, because equalism and humanism would work well as umbrella terms, but to know the nuances of a particular kind of injustice, the name would give the adequate context.

How hard was that?

If you disagree with feminism, because of the above argument, you should disagree with marxism/socialism too, or for that matter, any egalitarian movement as much. If you disregard all egalitarian movements, then that’s a different story altogether. The primary motive of this piece was to deal with this particular argument against feminism.

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