Similarities between the Brahmakumaries practice and Nichiren Buddhism

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The Brahmakumaris and Nichiren Buddhist philosophy have a lot in common, as I believe that most spiritual practices do. The following are their similarities:

  1. Belief in the concept of unconditional happiness– Both practice believe in and propagate the experience of a state of true and unconditional bliss.
  2. Belief in the concept of unconditional empathy– Both practice believe in having compassion for everyone owing to the idea that everyone has a good side (pure soul/potential for Buddhahood) in them
  3. Belief in karma– Both the practices recognize that we have karma which attracts problems to our lives and that we need to transform our karma to overcome our hardships
  4. Belief in the concept of rebirth– Both practices believe in rebirth
  5. Belief in the concept of identity– Bks say that our soul is absolutely pure and has inherent virtues like purity, power, while the Buddhists say that our Buddha nature has all positive qualities.
  6. Belief in Kalyuga-  Both the Brahmakumaris and Nichiren Buddhist regard this time in history as Kalayuga. They both think humanity’s losing it by this point and we need to reconnect to our spiritual selves.

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