People see you for who you are now- Of lost potential, opportunities and relative success

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If you’ve been good at something in the past that you’ve stopped doing now (due to personal or societal fears like overdoing things, judgement etc.) , expecting that people still see your lost glory, “high potential” in that area/field, only to be disappointed by how no one cares (lol sorry), you could feel as if you’re all alone in this world and that nobody truly understands you.

When you may have initially stopped doing this thing that you usually/earlier did, people probably did notice and ask why you stopped, but now, since its been months or years, they hardly seem to notice or care. And this is not because they don’t love you or because they don’t want you to be successful (at least hopefully not), but because it’s your choice, decision and prerogative to do things the way you want to.

In fact, until you express your conflicts, environmental/external stresses with them, they won’t know what you’re going through. Hence, even expressing your feelings and stresses so you don’t end up making such decisions is your responsibility.

That’s because contrary to the fallacy that we fall for at times, people judge us by our present actions, not our past. Some people who’ve kept grudges against us may judge us by our past, but even then, most people do judge us by our present.

So when you see someone do well in something that you believe could be yours if you hadn’t chosen to make certain decisions (envy) , you can’t really blame them. It was your choice to hold yourself back.

Others can’t see us sabotaging ourselves. Maybe sometimes some people can,  like if its about your studies/ grades then your teachers or parents can definitely notice, and similarly in different passions/fields the authority figures or “big daddies” there can notice for that short period, but overall, its you who actually knows your potential. After a while, everyone forgets and moves on with their life because that’s their job.

So if you mention it to others, they’ll just think you’re being idealistic,  obsessing over nothing, and have a deluded self image (which you may to a certain extent if this happens too often) out of envy.

So its your responsibility to go full in life, not blame others for your loss, find yourself a compatible environment for and by being yourself, and eventually reach your destiny.

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