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As mentioned in the book “The Secret”, there are certain things that help change our energy and enable you to go into creative visualization to attract positive outcomes in your life. These activities also enable one to get into the state of flow as preached by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. For some, its sports. For other’s, its studying. For me, its many things that include the following:

  1. Spirituality: introspection, personal growth, empowerment, tracking progress, working on myself,  meditation, inspiration, motivation
  2. Helping others– I have a high amount of empathy and to be able to motivate, inspire or pull someone up is the most joyous thing for me to do
  3. Music– classic rock, downtempo, deep genres. Exploring new genres and songs gives me a big kick.
  4. Nature– beaches, cool breeze. Just pleasant weather
  5. Writing– expressing and reaching out to people by writing short stories from my personal life, interesting experiences, my realizations for catharsis.
  6. People– Humor, funny moments, parties where I meet new and like minded people, good company, forging close bonds, sharing good vibes, and helping others in need.
  7. Reading– thrillers, non fiction.
  8. Entertainment– funny sitcoms, movies, stand ups
  9. Travel– mostly global because there is a sense of novelty. Meeting new people there and seeing/understanding their culture
  10. Good food– I love eating. Especially spicy food and trying new dishes, not much into dessert tho.
  11. Knowledge– learning, thinking, creating empowering solutions, discussion, debates, speaking to experts in the ideas I’m interested to explore
  12. Dancing– jazz and fun dancing- Bollywood too.
  13. Romance– the excitement of meeting someone new, forming a connection, teasing etc.
  14. Things from the 60/70s– the sexual revolution, hippie sub culture, music, movies on lives of artists from this time, literature
  15. Achievement and success– this came in relatively later and wasn’t there for till my teenage began. I earlier didn’t seek achievement but after a certain point it became one of the things that made me very happy

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