Difference between productive and unproductive empathy

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While it is socially desirable and intrinsically satisfying to help others, some of us can’t stop when we need to. Often, people don’t even realize when their emotional health deteriorates because of the desire to understand others’s point of view. I believe that the experience of empathy can be divided into two types: unproductive and productive. The following are the key differences in the experience of the two.

Productive empathy


Unproductive empathy


1. The person is aware of the emotion 1. The person is not aware of the emotion
2. It is well channelized through action 2. It is not channelized and remains suppressed.
3. Leads to positive results and improvement in present circumstances, benefits the target cause 3. Only leads to sadness and low life condition. Leads to maladaptive behavior
4. Leads to personal growth and empowers the individual 4. Does not lead to personal growth and weakens the individual
5. Is contributive and solves problems, and makes the world a better place 5. Does not solve anything and is not contributive

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