The two ways of Working out

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There are different ways of doing every task. Working out is a joyous experience for some, while it is a negative experience for others. I believe that that is because some chose to do it as a form of self punishment, while others do it as a way to enjoy the experience as well as the results. I have highlighted the quality of the experience of working out when it is done in these 2 different ways in this recipe.

With Self Acceptance With Self hatred/denial
The individual is immersed in the present activity and not thinking of other things A lot of guilt from the past is present
One does it with happiness, joy and inspiration One does it with anger and negativity
Positivity leads to creative visualization of ideal body Negative self image attracts more of the same excess weight
Endorphins are released during the workout Endorphins are not released during workout
The activity is done with eustress Its done with distress
Reaching goal leads to contentment Reaching goals leads to resentment and further self criticism
Long term change in lifestyle and good habits become consistent Short term change only. Back to old habits often
Balanced form of working out Extreme form of working- there is overdoing and obsession
It is consistent. It is inconsistent as the individual has burn outs often as a result of overdoing.



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