Why did they cut off? Of lost friendships and solutions

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Often people fade away their friendships from us. They stop giving us the same time that they gave us earlier and eventually just cut-off. They may not say it overtly, but you can yourself tell that something’s off. It feels horrible, you blame yourself, you blame them and your overall self esteem is hurt.

In such cases, the first and the best thing to do is let go of whatever happened. Can’t control what’s not your decision or under your control.

Introspect, what were you going through and what was happening in your life when they cut off from you? Taking responsibility and the harsh truth- they cut off from you because of your energy.

Everybody has an emotional shield that they want to keep up for their happy space. That’s perhaps why they cut off. I’m not saying they’re right. They were perhaps weak to take this step and not support you/empower you through your issues. But there was your karma too. However, this doesn’t mean that you blame yourself. The circumstances were such that your energy repelled these peeps.

Hence when you deal with the trigger from that time that they cut off and rid yourself off that past blockage and change, your energy changes and you become your best self. Then, these people will want you back again.

Now when they turn back up, you’ll have a fireworks friendship again, and perhaps an even stronger one, however, new friendships will turn up or past friendships will strengthen such that you know the diminished value of these (cut off) friendships in a way that they become powerless over you. You know their place in your life, stop fearing them and they won’t bother you anymore. You’ll zoom ahead in life with joy, zeal and personal power and realize that you don’t need someone in your life who wasn’t there for you when you needed them the most.

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