Fighting disbelief- How cognitive dissonance causes obsessive behaviour

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Obsession happens as a result of anxiety. This anxiety (in my case) comes as a result of of self doubt and a negative self image from a past action.

We overdo things because there is a disbelief element that we’re trying to prove wrong/compensate. It’s like trying to put a carpet over shit.

This disbelief is what causes the cognitive dissonance.

So if one decides between the two beliefs about oneself, they won’t be obsessing no more.

But decide on which side? Definitely the positive one because the negative one is of the past action/behavior. Take time and make a smooth transition by choosing to be the better person. Or, even take the middle path in this sense.

The fact that the thought of being doing the better thing came shows you have the ability and that’s who you truly are- the better side.

So the solution to not overdoing things is truly believing in yourself. This will keep you grounded!


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